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From The Welding Instructors

May 06, 2013 by


Why welding? Because welding can give you an avenue to a wide varity of opportunities like building bridges and power plants to food processing equipment, just to name a few, and the list goes on... This is why I got into welding. I saw that opportunity to learn a needed skill.

Now that I have been in the trade for over 20yrs and gained so much experience, that avenue is still opening for me. I became a shop fabricator/welder, then a pipe welder and a pipefitter to a job foreman. Now I teach pipe welding! Wow the list goes on and on... You see what I'm getting at!

So you are thinking, "What about the robots and the machines out there taking our jobs?"  Well, robots cost a lot of money to build plus you still need a welding operator to make the machine work. See where I'm going with this? The avenue changes directions but it's still there!.

Long story short....We, here at Elite Welding Academy, can provide that avenue for you.

Good Luck and the best to your welding future!

Mike Senay, Senior Welding Instructor Elite Welding Academy

As an instructor at Elite Welding Academy, I take pride in helping future welders perfect their trade. We use one-on-one booth time to teach the students those extra methods that makes them a cut above the rest of the other weld school graduates.

Mike Rice Elite Welding Academy Instructor

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